Must see places in Andalusia

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Every country has its own attracting places within its cities and villages. Likewise, Spain has fascinating and beautiful locations in Andalusia which makes up about 17%of its country. Every traveler likes to visit Andalusia once in their lifetime to view these scenic attractions. Cabo de Gata is the place where people used to mine the minerals. It is a national park where you can find varying landscapes while moving. It gives a feeling of walking into the desert as you may walk through cactus, bushes, and lot more desert plants.

Donana National Park includes marshes, shallow streams, wildlife animals and birds, and sand dunes with small food courts and cafes and is one of the favorite spots for kids. It is a heritage center located on the right bank of the Guadalquivir River at its estuary on the Atlantic Ocean. Royal Chapel of Granada is an Isabelline style building which is recommended for family trips. It is the collection of Flemish paintings. It is located in the heart of Granada. Most tourists get attracted to the paintings drawn by the artists. Casa de Pilatos is an Andalusian palace which looks the pretty and good place to bare the heat. The rooms are filled with historical information and decorations. It is a perfect place to enjoy with family and friends.