How to Build a Custom Wood Fence

Using a custom wood fence can add character to your home. But it can also obscure your view of your yard and neighborhood. There are several different options, including wood lattice, post-and-rail, and vertical board fences. Each style offers a variety of design and construction options.

For example, you can use a post-and-rail style, which consists of horizontal rails that support pickets or lattice panels. These rails are spaced 6-8 feet apart. The panels themselves are typically set at 48 inches high, with lower open slots. They are then stained using a reputable stain.

If you want your fence to last, you may want to consider adding a wood preservative. This helps protect against insects, moisture, and UV rays. Also, a sealant can help strengthen the protective feature.

One of the most popular types of wood fences is cedar. Cedar has a good amount of resistance to rot and decay. It also stains well. It is an ideal choice for fence posts and other components. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can try pressure-treated lumber. However, it will be less durable than redwood, and will show some movement after installation.

For a more decorative fence, you may want to consider using metalwork, such as gates or framed openings. For a custom look, try blackened iron joining straps or copper post caps. Another option is a climbing trellis. This can help keep the grass around the base of the fence cut short and minimize contact with the fence.

Depending on the style of wood fence you select, you may also want to consider the type of finish you choose. Paint is a popular choice, but you may also want to consider a stain. If you choose a stain, you may want to consider adding a coat of sealant to protect the finish from water and UV rays.

You may also want to consider adding a fence lighting feature. Using the right style of lighting can create a dramatic effect. It can also extend your enjoyment of an enclosed space.

You can also install built-ins to add a unique accent to your fence. These can be used to frame an opening, direct visitors to the gate, or even to protect against prevailing winds.

When building a custom wood fence, you may want to consult the best Houston fence company for help. Most qualified companies successfully install hundreds of fences each year. However, most of them do not specialize in custom wood fences.

There are several different types of custom wood fences, including post and rail, crisscrossing lattice, and vertical board. Each of these fences serves a different purpose, but they all have one thing in common: they can enhance the curb appeal of your home. While custom wood fences may cost more, they will also add character to your home. They can also serve as a privacy fence, which can be useful in places where it is difficult to get a good view.