Bathtub Installation and the Experts

Bathtub installation is not a common service offered by most home improvement stores. It is mostly handled by professional plumbers. Most likely you can find the plumber in your area but you may want to consider doing the install yourself. With proper preparation and a little know how, installing tubs on your own is not that difficult of a task to do.

Most people think that DIY tub installation is only for those who have some knowledge on home remodeling. While there is nothing wrong with getting your bathroom remodel done without the help of professionals, there are many benefits to doing a do it yourself project such as this. The most obvious benefit is saving money. Since you will be able to select which parts of your bathroom are up for renovation and purchase them yourself, you will be able to choose the most cost effective materials for your project. Often times, just by doing a simple replacement or two, you can get the look that you want at a fraction of the price that you would pay to contractors.

Depending on the design of your bathtub, some parts may need to be replaced anyways. By choosing to replace these parts yourself, you will be able to save the time and money that would have been spent if you had to hire someone for installation. Not to mention the fact that if you are replacing parts, you can do it yourself and avoid paying the hefty bill that comes with it. In addition to saving money, the added time spent on the project is well worth the effort and hassle of DIY tub installation.

If you plan on installing your new soaking tub in your backyard, you will need to choose the material that you will use to build the frame. You may be tempted to choose the cheapest materials available. After all, a cheap kit is going to cost less than a comparable high quality one, right? Well, not exactly, if you add the cost of labor to the equation: A simple wood frame with a simple fiberglass reinforced corner and posts will cost nearly twice as much as a comparable steel framed model.

If you want to know the total bathtub costs, you should include the cost of the deck. The reason for this is simple: A deck is going to make the tub cost more to install, but it will also help to prevent the need for costly repairs down the road. In addition to the deck, the surround should be made of a durable material that will last for many years. This area is the last place where water will enter the house. Therefore, you should consider having it finished with a strong sealant or you might find yourself replacing it more often. If you install unfinished bathtubs in this area, you can expect them to splinter and the wood to warp sooner.

Lastly, the drain itself should be installed correctly. The most common mistake people make is using an old and worn-out drain plug. While this might work just fine under certain circumstances, most drains require a new and high quality rubber gasket. The problem with a worn-out plug is that it doesn’t fit properly into the overflow pan, resulting in water from cleaning out of the tub instead of flowing through the drain. Kohler has some great products that will ensure your overflow pan and drain works as good as new, including their HO model EZ Drain Plug.

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